Website Design Pricing Methods You Should Know About

In the industry of web design, there are three major website design prices  methods being used. Depending on the designer, the charge can be per hour, per page or per project. Having many different payment options is a good thing because it gives you numerous options from which to choose the kind of service that will fit your budget.

In this article, we will compare three major pricing methods and how each of them can affect the outcome of the website design project.


Hourly Rate

An hourly rate of pricing is frequently used by freelance web designers. Basically, you pay an amount (around 80-100) for every hour the designer works on your project. This payment method can be an affordable option if your goal is to have a 2-4 page website. The price goes up depending on the complexity of the design and of course if you want more pages for your site.

One of the drawbacks of this pricing plan is that it tends to be a method used by many freelance web designers who need to maximize their return for each hour they work and tend to rely on simple graphics to accomplish that feat.

To ensure that you get the best service from an hourly rate, ask the designer to provide a timeline for completion. Agree on a payment plan ahead of time to hopefully avoid any questionable fees and charges at the end of the project.


Per Page Rate

Another version of pricing for website design is to charge per completed page. The reason why some designers follow per page pricing is because some pages are actually more complicated to create than others.

One of the pages that require more work than others is the main or home page. More time is required to create the layout and work on the graphics to grab the visitor’s attention. Of course, all the extra effort doesn’t come free which is why some pages are quoted higher than others.

A per page design pricing rate can be an affordable option for creating a website even on a tight budget. You can always keep the price low as long as you limit the number of pages and there is always the option of expanding the site and adding more pages along the way.