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Spring brings some relief from the long, cold days of winter. Flowers begin to bloom, the sunshine seems brighter and more people find themselves outdoors. There are several ways to embrace the spring changes in your home and lifestyle.

I, of course, set the hook and the fight began. Now mind you, thirty minutes earlier I had caught and released two or three eighteen to twenty inch Rainbow trout. And that is exactly what this fish felt like for the first minute or two. Another nice trout. Then after five or six minutes of routine fighting, something happened.

Retractor w/ Snippers Attached: Having a retractor with a pair of small snippers attached is integral to saving time when trout fishing. A pair of line snippers (I use nail clippers) makes tying up and re-tying much faster. When I’m fishing for trout, I have to re-tie either trout lures or gang hooks quite often and having a pair of clippers hanging from my vest is a huge time saver. The clippers being on a retractor is great because the clippers can be used then simply released, and the retractor ‘zips’ the clippers right back up. Every trout angler should use a retractor with a pair of snippers attached.

What guy doesn’t like junk food? Why not kick it up a notch by getting him a cookie bouquet. Men’s gifts that include sweet treat are something your man won’t forget for some time. Sports team themes, beer themes, coffee themes, and even bouquets made for new dads can be found.

The leader is a piece of line connecting rig/ end tackle with your main line it has to be chosen very carefully as it is stronger than the main line. It might be thicker than the main line and as it is thicker it might interfere with your casting. There are many types of colours for leader e.g. red,blue,orange and clear.

Used fly fishing lures for sale will work for either dry fly fishing or nymph fly fishing. Essentially with dry fishing, the artificial fly is on top of the water when the fish bites. With nymph fishing the artificial eggs are made to resemble laid eggs that have come to the water surface to hatch into a fly. This type of fishing can be a little more challenging because the fisherman (woman) cannot see what is happening below the surface of the water.

A Bait Bag: When fishing for these beautiful fish a bait bag is certainly a “must have” item. As a matter of fact a bait bag is a “must have” item for anyone who fishes in rivers and streams. When you fish in rivers and streams the time spent searching for your bait to bait in your waders or vest is significant. With a bait bag this problem is solved and your bait is always at your fingertips ready to be used. Having your bait hanging from your fishing vest waiting to be used is a huge time saver when fishing for trout.

If you what more tips on fishing gear then visit my blog where you will find more information and products to help you fish better and ultimately catch more fish.

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