Post Boom Real Estate Investing

Who are you going to call when selling an investment home? There are lots of answers to this question. Yet the most obvious one would be the professional people who could accomplish the work for you properly with complete effectiveness and efficiency.

The wording of the lease must also include a statement that the renters, because they are buyers to be, will be responsible for all upkeep, maintenance and repairs. In other words, they do not call you when the water heater goes out or the toilet backs up. They agree to take on all those responsibilities.

Home Equity Loans: If you are going to refinance, at least look at something larger than the mortgage rate. For example, let’s say you’re current mortgage is 7% and rates are at 5.75%. You’d really like to refinance and lower your bills. Let’s say, if you took advantage of the 5.75% you’d save $100/month. Hey-that’s progress!

The tightening mortgage market is starting to affect the market in Denver, though. Prices have dropped as sellers realize fewer qualified buyers are looking for homes. Some sellers are pulling their homes off the market, hoping to hold out for a turn around in the market. Will this turn around happen anytime soon? It’s too hard to tell.

No. I’m ready for an enormous credit like a house yet. But I am investing in land, which is more affordable and also there’s no liablility. My portfolio of Land is a fully-owned and paid for. And it probably will generate around 15-20% per year, which is decent earnings compare with buying another house in Singapore.

Buying cheap isn’t always good. For a while, I loved telling the story about buying a home on my credit card. Not anymore. The problem is the home isn’t in a great area (making it tough to rent or sell) and has needed significant fix-up funds through the years. Sometimes there is a reason why casas para inversion en McAllen can be bought on the cheap.

For married couples, either spouse can meet the ownership test. Simply put, if you resided in the house for at least two years prior to the sale — yet you were married for a period of less than those two years — as joint filers, you have met the ownership requirements even though your new spouse was not an owner for the full period. The catch is in the shared use requirements. Whether filing jointly or not, unless both parties actually reside in the house for the full two year period prior to the sale, they are not eligible for $500,000 joint filing benefits. If you suspect you are subject to these restrictions, it’s probably a good idea to consult with a tax expert.

For an investor, this can be an excellent time to purchase as negotiating power is now in your court. An eager buyer is more willing to accept a lower offer on their property for fear that another offer may be weeks or months away from happening again.

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