Apache Resident Hunts Bigfoot

The long sunny days of summer are here. Kids are out of school and families are on vacation. Everyone looks forward to spending more time outdoors and having a safe and healthy summer. However, conditions are just right for certain summertime illnesses, especially (RWI) recreational water illness. RWI occurs when chlorine and pH levels in swimming pools and water parks become unsafe and the pool water is contaminated. Children who may swallow contaminated water are at high risk for RWI.

The term Bushmen Americans is hereby released into the public domain. A small attribution (first coined by Stan Seecrets) is appreciated. The usefulness of this term may have a limited shelf life (around Jan. 2009) unless someone named Jeb becomes President then.

In another intercept a group of about twenty bad guys were trapped on the far side of the river and threatened to leave their weapons and go home if they didn’t get food soon. The best part was seeing how fragile and fragmented the local bad guy’s leadership was. They were caught between groups trying to work with local village leaders and others who simply wanted to grab anyone who had any ties to the government and execute them on the spot. Needless to say that proved to be an impasse and those guys are now probably as likely to turn their guns on each other as shoot at us. Welcome to Afghanistan.

Setting up a website is like setting up a business in a foreign land. Joe had to learn the foreign language (HTML, XML, PHP, Perl, CGI, Java, CSS, RSS).

This will be a comparison of another type of contaminant that is removed by The AQ-4000 by over 99%. These pollutants are cysts (Coinmarkets, giardia) . The Brita Water Filter Pitcher does No Filtration (0%) and the Brita Faucet Filter definitely does 99.99% which is very good as well.

The second stage is by far the toughest and will need stamina – website marketing and promotion. Having a website is like having a billboard pasted with your messages on an island. Now Joe needs visitors (hits) and bridges (links) to his little island.

On the last day we reviewed our material and took the test. We all passed with flying colors. The next day we were on a contracted Canadian helicopter on our way back to our central FOB.

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